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The NATIVE Project receives Coverys Foundation Grant

As part of $140,000 in grants to various health facilities in the Pacific Northwest, Coverys; a leading provider of medical professional liability insurance; awarded The NATIVE Project a grant to “fund the development and implementation of an enhanced infection control and prevention initiative”. “Improved patient safety has always been a critical mission of Coverys. When we have the chance to provide support to the healthcare community to enhance patient safety programs, we believe we are executing on this mission,” said Gregg L. Hanson, CEO and president of Coverys. “At the same time, through this support Coverys recognizes the dedication and forward-thinking of hospital and facility staff by funding grants to help get their initiatives off the ground. I’m extremely proud that Coverys has been and continues to be an avid supporter of these programs.”


Coverys is an innovative medical professional liability insurance provider dedicated to helping its policyholders and clients anticipate, identify and manage risk to reduce errors, eliminate inefficiency and improve outcomes. As one of the largest medical professional liability insurance providers in the country, Coverys is responsible for insuring over 32,000 physicians, dentists, and allied health care providers, as well as more than 500 hospitals, health centers and clinics from coast to coast. Coverys has consistently been included in the Ward’s 50 for the past six years. In addition to its insurance products and service delivery to the healthcare industry, it also has established the Coverys Community Healthcare Foundation to support endeavors that focus on the improvement of patient safety as well as healthcare programs to reduce childhood obesity. For more information, visit Coverys at





Heleen Dewey receives the Public Health Excellence Award

10/22/2015  Congratulations to Heleen Dewey for being awarded the Public Health Excellence Award from the Washington State Public Health Association. Heleen, a current Board Member of The NATIVE Project, has been NATIVE Community Wellness' "Healthy Me" facilitator for eight years. In addition to serving The NATIVE Project, Heleen is a Health Program Specialist at the Spokane Regional Health District. This award is well-deserved recognition for her great service throughout the Spokane area.

  About the Public Health Excellence Award: “This award honors a public health employee who is not in a high level management position and who has shown excellence in public health practice. Demonstrated excellence could include skills that go above and beyond expected standards; professional commitment that has positively impacted fellow employees and /or the community; outstanding professional service in working with fellow employees and/or the public; or other professional actions that bring credibility and respect to the public health agency.” - Washington State Public Health Association