We provide prevention and education services and activities for patients at our facility and in the community. Our team follows the Indian Health Service “Balancing Life with Diabetes” program and works with area partner organizations to provide prevention services resources.

Prevention and Wellness services we provide

Diabetes Education

We provide individual and group sessions. Individual education offers a one-on-one basis for patients as needed by our RN/CDE (Donna Burke) or our RDN/CDE (Candy Jackson). Our group sessions are 9 classes at 3 different times throughout the year taught by the Diabetes management staff.

Cancer Prevention Screening

We provide information and resources to our patients and encourage them to get screened for breast, cervical, and colorectal cancers as recommended and needed. We also have referrals and partner with area organizations to provide resources.

NOSH Program

We offer a program to encourage lifestyle changes for addressing hypertension for American Indian/Alaska Native patients through the NOSH program. This program is ongoing through May of 2021. Contact is Candy Jackson.


We offer nutritional education and counseling. Contact Donna Burke to schedule an individual session.

If you would like to schedule some time with our prevention team, please call (509) 483-7535.